Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Alive but a Fan of Facebook...

Just wanted to let you all know that I may still update the blog once in a while but since I've joined FACEBOOK I've obviously neglected the blog. If you haven't checked out Facebook before, you should. You just might find some old friends you thought you'de never come in contact with again. It's completely free, and you have complete control over what info you put on there and who sees it. You can send friend requests and you'll also receive them - but you can accept or ignore them.
If you don't have a Facebook page, come and join and look me up!

Krista :) :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eagles Training Camp

Tuesday, Aug. 5th
Since the Eagles train at the Lehigh Valley University we decided to take the boys to see them. They were more excited doing the things that were for the kids than actually watching the special teams train that day. But we can say that we saw them up close and not just on TV.
Joel coming down the bouncy slide.

And here come Elijah

John, Joel & Elijah walking around the track

Elijah kicking a field goal, wasn't quite long enough though.

Now for Joels' turn

And last but not least...some kids don't grow up

He did kick it through the post... if you were wandering

Some of the players... sorry I don't remember who they are.


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Just wanted to post some pictures of our day yesterday. We took Elijah & Joel, along with Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. It's not a big zoo, but they boys enjoyed it, it drizzled on and off while we were there but it wasn't bad, kind of nice that it wasn't extremely hot out and it wasn't crowded either. Hope you Enjoy the pictures.

Joel wanted to feed the goat but then he chickened out.

Elijah feeding the goat

There is a Kookaburra in the cage behind them.

Elijah took this picture with some help from mommy

Joel took this picture with help from Daddy.

This little Chipmunk was sitting in the Macaw's cage eating his food.

There are actually 3 River Otters under that rock but only the 1 would stick his head out.

We were able to go inside with these birds and feed them nectar. It was a neat experience. The boys didn't want to do it, they were content with watching them eat out of Mommy or Daddy's hand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time for Catch Up (once again)!

Hi Everyone!
Things are going well here. The past 2 weeks have been busy, busy, busy!!! 2 Weeks ago was camp for out 9-18 year olds. It was a good week, once I got past Monday & Tuesday I was ok with out the boys. We had 18 of our kids that went. John & I pray that they stick with their decisions they made at camp. Last week was VBS at Church. I think we ran about 20 kids in total. It was another good week, but after the week before we are ready for a some rest. Not much else is going on here. We did have 2 deer in the yard on Sunday Morning. Of course they were eating the apples of the apple tree. But it was neat to watch them.

Thanks for tuning in...sorry there isn't a whole lot going on right now. We are still looking for a place.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Well, I hope that everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day. In the morning we helped split wood for mom & dad. Later in the afternoon we went up to Quakertown to a wooden park they have. The boys enjoyed it and of course they want to go back to that park another day. Here are some pictures from the day.

My 3 Boys

My Honey & I

Checking out the Memorial...

Thank You to all those who are serving & to those who served.

Daddy & his Boys

I think he was showing Elijah how it was done, but Elijah wasn't paying attention.

Too much play, must rest!

After Memorial Park we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. Yummy!! Their Chocolate Cake Batter Ice Cream is delish!! A good way to end the time at the park.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Storing up for the winter...

It turned out to be a nice afternoon on Saturday so since we had nothing else planned we split some more wood for mom & dad. The boys enjoy getting involved also. (at least for a little while) So here some pictures of them helping out.

Joel & Pop-Pop

Joel running the splitter w/ Pop-Pops help.

Elijah taking his turn operating the splitter.

Elijah & Pop Pop

Also to give you a little update... John called about the house we went to look at and they had rented it out. So I guess we can't ask for a clearer answer than that. The Lord has something better out there for us to live...just would be nice to know where and soon. But again I was reminded in choir practice that Our Lord is never late, he is always on time.

I would ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. Not only house hunting but also for John's job. He works in a warehouse and they closely watch the percentages of their employees. Unfortunately, Johns percentages have been down lately but when they have a manager follow him around they can't find anything that he is doing wrong but yet the percentages are down. They have given him a verbal warning and a written warning.

Thanks for tuning in...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Current News & Prayer Request

Just a little bit on whats going on...
John and I went to look at a house yesterday that is about 10 minutes from our Church. Its a small 2 bedroom house, but its adorable. And if thats where the Lord wants us then it will be workable. We told the man that we want to pray about it for 2 weeks and then we will go from there. So we are asking you to help us pray that the Lord gives us the wisdom that we need in making this decision. Sorry I don't have pictures of it to show you, but if we end up moving into it I will post pictures then. :) I should soon get Elijah started with school and then out to enjoy the gorgeous weather that we have here again today. Just wanted to give you all informed of how things are going here and to let you better know how you can help us pray.